Two halves of the same story

Posted: September 28, 2008 in prison, general, prisoner writing

This weekend I read the guys’ writing in preparation for going back up to Monroe on Wednesday. One man had given me two pieces of writing. The first is a collection of three prose pieces and two poems about arriving in prison for the first time. The second, a story he had written for his son about a young boy and his dog that save a queen bee from an evil bear (it’s adorable and I’ll try to get permission to post excerpts of it). I read the pieces about his experience in prison first. Then the story he had written for his son. Then the rest of the night I spent thinking about how one man can be so many things – a prisoner and a father are only two parts of this man. What other stories could he tell? What else has he seen? Experienced? Considered? He holds within himself both the ability to survive prison and the ability to love and care for his son. Multi-faceted. Complex. These are not words often associated with inmates, yet there it is, in the writing that I carry around with me each week, reminding me to always remember that each person I meet is more than I will ever be able to know about him.


Imagine how many stories are held at Monroe. The walls must vibrate with them.


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