From the ferry: 12/3/08

Posted: December 5, 2008 in from the ferry
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My commute to and from the prison includes a twenty minute ferry crossing plus however long I get to sit in line to wait to board. It’s a good time to reflect on the night at Monroe, to record first impressions and document those moments that are resonating with me the most before I have a chance to filter them or make them academic. I’ll post these thoughts from the ferry each time I go to Monroe.

Tonight I am struck with the image of the newcomer to the group who disclosed that he is at the point in his therapy in prsion where he is learning to empathize with his victims, to try and understand what he put them (and he does say there were several) through. As he speaks he is trembling and fighting back tears, clearly the full weight of his crimes are pressing down on him. Later he discloses that he was also a victim of multiple forms of abuse as a child and teen. I am overwhelmed by his ability to even show up…for any of it…let alone our group.

There is so much more from this evening, but feel like this image is enough for this ride home.


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