Some recent stories from NPR related to the state of corrections in the US that I thought were worth posting. 1 in 31, for those who don’t know, refers to the number of individuals in the US currently in prison or on probation. 1 in 31. Think about it.

Additionally, I have noted that as the financial crisis in this country deepens there have been more and more stories on the state and cost of correctional institutions, particularly conversations related to the expense of housing inmates and how states are having to look at who they arrest for what crimes to determine if the cost is worth it in all cases. The answer is obviously no, but the conversations about alternative sentencing, how drug-related crimes ought to be handled and what do with with non-violent offenders is certainly engaging. I’ll try to be sure I post relevant stories here as often as possible. It would be a hidden blessing of the current economic troubles if thoughtful conversations about US prison policies were elevated in the national conversation.

Some stories:

Shrinking State Budgets May Spring Some Inmates:

Survivor Adds a Name, Face to Prison Rape:

Author Examines the Effects of Solitary Confinement:


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