Four more sleeps and a wake up

Posted: April 7, 2009 in prison, general, prisoner rehabilitation, The Hero's Journey Workshop
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I wrote this Sunday night, to post yesterday, but now it is today and I’m just getting it posted. Soon I must connect the internet at my new apartment…

My sister and I watch the Muppets Christmas Carol ad nausea over the holidays. We have since we were kids. And our favorite phrase, which we still use despite the fact that we are in our late twenties, is “two more sleeps ‘ill Christmas”. We still say it to each other as Christmas nears each year. We say it when we are anticipating a big trip, a significant life event. “Two more sleeps until graduation,” I’ll get to say this coming July. Two more sleeps. Three more sleeps. Marking time.

At Monroe last week, M-, the guy getting out tomorrow, tells me that in prison the phrase is “four more nights and a wake up.” Tonight, Sunday, is his final night. Tomorrow is his “wake up”. He tells me that custody process the guys out pretty quick in the morning. So, I imagine that by the time I have woken, had my coffee, showered, dressed and made it to work, he will have already been picked up by the folks who run the halfway house he will live at for the next year. His life post-prison will have begun. Puts the two meetings I have on Monday in context, for certain.

M- has a plan and systems of support on the outside. But it’s no guarantee. I imagine that most of the guys in our group would say that when they get out they are confident they will never come back. For some this will be true. For some. M- stands a good chance. He’s got a job waiting. The halfway house where he’ll be living will be supportive of his religious beliefs and is drug and alcohol free. He is preparing to apply for a PEL grant to go back to school. He has plans. But then, we all have plans, right? Then there is life and the unexpected challenges it throws at us.

So, tonight I am thinking of M- and hoping that tomorrow he enjoys the Dairy Queen softserv ice cream he has been craving for the last two years and that after the ice cream his path stays clear for a while. I wish for him a world that does not come at him too quick. A world that has some understanding and compassion. A world that is capable of a little forgiveness. To that world I have to say, there are bad men in prison. Men I would not want to see released. M- is not one of them. I promise. Give him the chance he deserves to do it right this time.


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