Colbert jokes privatization

Posted: November 4, 2009 in prison reform, prison, general
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Last night on Stephen’s Colbert’s the Colbert Report in a segment he calls The Word (typically the funniest part of the show for me) he did a piece on Arizona’s upcoming privatization of nine of its prisons. The segment is funny, at the same time that is is cuttingly horrifying. Touching on issues of prisoners for profit, the state’s effort to balance their budget by way of the criminal justice system, the history of private enterprise to always “do the right thing” and the implications of running a prison for shareholders gains.

An interesting question posed during the segment: how will private prisons ensure a steady “supply” of inmates to insure their business’ success.

When people, whether prisoner or not, become a commodity we all better be concerned.

The segment starts about 4 minutes into the show.

Link to the show


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