Apr 10, 2009 – Driver’s License, Take 2

Friday, April 10, 2009 – Driver’s License, Take 2

After group yesterday, “Mom” picked me up and took me back to the house. “Brother” was there and bought McDonald’s for lunch. My first Mickey D’s since my release. I forgot how much I like their fries.

I continued to work on the wedding DVD last night and today. I stayed up until 1:15 am working on it. And got right back to it around 6 am. I knew if I had a chance to work without interruptions that I’d just be all-involved in my work. In prison, I had 3-hour spurts to work. Then it would be interrupted with a “head count” (a “head count” is when all the prisoners return to their cells and the prison counts everyone. There are 4 counts every 24 hours. 3 of those counts are during waking hours). So just when I’d get inspired or into the groove of working, it’d be time to shut down and head back to my cell. It was a challenge, but as with all challenges, it forced me to be more creative with the limitations I had to work with. This included the clip art and music clips I was limited to using. But now that I’m out, my options are almost limitless. The wedding DVD is coming along just fine. I’m a big mush melon. I’m pretty sappy about sappy stuff. So, if I can get someone to cry because the pictures and music are synced up well, then I’ll be satisfied. I’m not getting paid for this, so my payment is in the client’s satisfaction.

The Letter of Adjudication from the courts came today! Yay! Now I can go get my license. “Dad” took me down to the Department of Licensing again around 3 pm. I’ve concluded that that’s the best time to go. Once again, hardly anyone was there. And this time, I walked out with my license. Thank you Lord! Driving wasn’t bad at all. I did better driving than I did registering on Monday. “Mom and Dad” took care of my car while I was down (“down” meaning incarcerated). So the car was in good shape. Probably in better shape than when I had it. I was always stoned and didn’t take very good care of anything I owned. But now my mind is clear and I’m thankful to have what I have. It’s a privilege to have a car to take care of, and that I will do.

Also in the mail today was a cellphone from Dad (my actual father). What a blessing! I mean, I have so much support, it would be a shame to not make something good of myself this time. These loved ones of mine have pretty much invested their time (and money) into my success. I am a corporation that they are monitoring to see how I’m faring on the stock exchange, so to speak. For myself, for my families, and for the community, I’m obligated to do well. And I’m all too happy to make that effort.

I drove back to my apartment where my roommate, the landlord, and other residents were all happy to see my good fortune. One thing about receiving good, it should be a priority to make the most of that good, and then pass it on. So, my feeling about my car is that it’s available whenever I can take someone somewhere that they need to be. Selflessness; a lesson I was recently taught with a couple of blueberry pancakes and sausages.

All week my roommate has been hunting and gathering things for our humble abode. He has somehow acquired a coffee maker, a microwave, a microwave stand, pots and pans, food and more food, cups, plates, silverware, a small TV (which I’m not happy about, things are just fine without the “idiot box”), a DVD/VHS player, and clothes. I’m thankful for all of it and for his efforts. When I got home today, my roommate had even more furniture. This time it’s a kitchen table and 3 chairs. It straddles the linoleum line dividing the kitchen and living room. Space is getting limited. But I have to admit, it’s getting pretty cozy in that little place.

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