Apr 19, 2009 – The Wedding

I finished the wedding DVD I had been working on since I was released. “Mom and Dad” took the DVD down to California for the wedding…which is today. I had a lot of fun working on it. This would be considered an intervention for daily life: doing positive things and keeping busy. I couldn’t go to the wedding. Well, I may have been able to go, but with me only being out less than 2 weeks, I didn’t want to push my freedoms or come across as high maintenance to my CCO. So I just opted to not go. My “family” was disappointed, as was I.

So tonight as I was going about my usual Sunday night routine, I got a phone call from my “brother” who was at the wedding reception. On the phone was the bride herself. The bride called ME during her reception! I was so honored. She called to say that the video I made was great. It made everyone cry and laugh and all that good stuff. She said she wished I was there to enjoy the wedding and that her and the groom appreciated my contribution to their perfect day. Wow. How cool is that? Two weeks ago to the day I was an inmate in a state prison. Instead of ruining lives, I actually helped make someone’s a little nicer.

After her call I got a text message from another “family” member saying the same thing the bride told me. What a great night this was. And I did it all without smoking pot, drinking alcohol, or having sex. I think I could get used to this better life.

  1. PJ, Minnesota says:

    A wedding is such a crazy time … it’s amazing (and wonderful) that the bride took time to call you to say how much she loved the video. I would not have had the presence of mind, I’m sure. Your comments remind me of how many times I appreciate something and then don’t take time to tell the person who made it happen. So thanks for writing this. A nice story, and a good reminder to be thankful for such lovely favors.

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