Apr 7, 2009 – Driver’s License

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 – Driver’s License

So my roommate, “D”, gets up this morning and starts cooking. Come to find out he’s a student of the culinary arts. Nice. He made blueberry pancakes and sausages. These smells I do not recognize. It’s been too long since I smelled good breakfast food without it being mingled with the smell of inmates awaking. He served my plate and then started to leave. I asked him if he was eating and he responded, “No, I’ll eat later”. The man made breakfast for me! I was blown away. He then left to catch the bus and start his day of job searching. I felt like I had been taught yet another lesson on this journey of mine. This time it was a lesson on selflessness.

“Mom” picked me up around 10 am. I called my therapist to check in with him. I have to meet with him tomorrow. The plan today is to get my driver’s license. Once I get that I’ll be able to drive my car back to my apartment and be a little more independent. I also have to start working on the wedding DVD that “Mom and Dad” are taking with them to San Diego Sunday night. “Brother” was “home” when we arrived. He took me to get my first Venti Vanilla Latte, my coffee drink of choice. These coffees say a lot about the person drinking them. I’m very plain and low-maintenance. If it’s not fancy coffee, then it’s black, no cream, no sugar. I’m such a square.

To clarify the “wedding DVD” statement earlier: “Dad” owns his own sound and entertainment company. He’s utilizing me to help him grunt his equipment around, operate the sound system while he M.C.’s, and (as a new feature which I will be providing) offering multimedia material for whatever the occasion is that he’s being hired for. This wedding DVD I’m working on is for my “sister”. She’s getting married on the 19th. So my job today is scanning pictures. Ug. This is the unglamorous portion of creating multimedia. But I love the whole process. It’s a great opportunity to express myself artistically.

“Dad” took me to get my driver’s license around 3 pm. Not too many people there. It’s weird being around people again in such settings. I’m used to waiting for services, but not with the freedom of getting up and leaving if I so choose. The Great Seal of the State of Washington is all over the place. It’s a cool Seal and all, but for me it represents the system that judged me, sentenced me, and incarcerated me. Rightly so, granted. But that’s what it represents to me, and that’s an ugly part of my life, so the Seal isn’t very nice for me anymore. I’m still a fan of George though. The young Asian man at the counter took flight when I presented my prison ID. He didn’t know what to do with it. He passed me off to another guy. He told me I spooked the young Asian with my ID. I felt bad about that. Man, I guess that’s something I’ll have to get used to. Well, I had all my ducks in a row to get my license renewed (as per instructions given to me in prison), but there was an unpaid ticket that had suspended my license while I was in prison. It was almost $300.00. I was crushed! Now what do I do? I don’t have $300.00 to clear it up. Without even blinking, “Dad” was asking questions and calling numbers to get the ticket paid. He was moving fast and with great accuracy. I, on the other hand, was dumbfounded not only at the news of the old ticket, but at the generosity that was on display in front of me. I believe in Grace. But it’s one of those words that gets thrown around a lot and loses it’s impact after awhile. I was reminded today what Grace means. Those who have been forgiven much love much. And I love this family that I’ve been blessed with. I did nothing to deserve their love and support. I did everything to be shunned by them along with the rest of society. Yet, they help me and comfort me. “Dad” paid for the ticket, but the Department of Licensing has to have a Letter of Adjudication from the court to clear the record. (As a Christian, this is the simple message of sin, the cost to be rid of it, and the Man Jesus. I had a debt I couldn’t pay. He paid a debt He didn’t owe so my record could be cleared. Simply put.) The court clerk told me she would mail the Letter tomorrow. I should get it by Friday and then get my license. This all seems like no big deal as I’m writing about it now, but as it was happening, I was absolutely crushed. As brief as it was, the feeling of hopelessness is weighty.

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